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User Interface
User Interface

View settings:

Select what data to view:

You may chose from the following selection:

view settings

Folder size : displays the folder size

Folder size on disk : displays the folder size on disk (Cluster aligned)

Number of files : display the number of files

Change of Folder size : displays then change of the folder size between 2 scans

Change of Folder size on disk :

Change of Number of files :

Wasted space by cluster size :




Unit settings:

Select a unit that will be used to display the scan-result data:


in Bytes

in Kilobytes (1024 Bytes)

in Megabytes (1024 Kilobytes)

in Gigabytes (1024 Megabytes)

Auto (DiskScout will choose unit)


How to start a scan

DiskScout can scan a whole disk (Volume), for example "C:\"

And DiskScout cam scan folders, for example "C:\windows"

These disks and folders are called "Targets"


 To add a target you have 2 options:

- Press INS-key

- Menu – target – Add target


To start a scan for target you have 2 options :

- select the target and press F5

-right-click target and select "scan target"


Display of scan result

The result of all scans will be displayed in a "tree" with columns:

You see a column for each scan.

The column header displays the date and time when the scan has finished

The column itself shows the scan-result data according to your settings for view and unit.


Between the columns you see a "Diff" column.

The column header display the time between 2 scans ("First Scan" – "Last Scan")

The column itself shows the difference between 2 scans per folder ("Path")


Display Settings

You may change the display settings via the menu

Tools – Options
   Select target

Show : select what to display : Folder size, Number of Files, wasted disk space etc.

Precision : unit of Display (Bytes, Kb, Mb, Gb) Show columns with diff : if selected, a diff-column will be displayed between 2 scans

Hide empty folder : if selected, empty folders will not be shown

Show files line : if selected, size of files in folders be shown



With right click on the scan column you have some options:


Open folder in explorer : the selected folder will be opened in windows-explorer

Delete folder from disk : the selected folder will be  from disk

Compress folder on disk : the selected folder will be compressed using windows-compress feature (NFTS only)

Scans : the selected scan (column) will be deleted from the database 

With right click on target list you have some options:  

Start scanning : starts the scan of the selected target. While scan is running you may continue to work with with DiskScout.

Stop scanning : stops the current scan. No data will be saved to database

Add target : Add a new target that can be scanned to target-list

Copy target : add a new target by copying an existing target. Usefull for similar UNCs.

Modify target : modidy target properties (path, credentials etc.)

Delete target : delete the target. All data for this target will be deleted from the database.