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Welcome to DiskSCOUT!

Don't miss another day of knowing where your disk space is going!

Sooner or later every hard disk is too small without effective monitoring!


What is DiskSCOUT?

Let's start with what DiskSCOUT is not :

DiskSCOUT is not yet-just-another-disk-analyzing-software finding „big“ files on your disk and telling you how “many” MP3s you have —what is wrong with big files anyway… ?

Maybe you have some “big” files on your disk ! And, yes … maybe you have 1,000 MP3s – so what ?

Those files on your hardrive that are taking up the most space are not necessarily wasting your diskspace!

It is important to understand that "Treesize" doesn't mean "wasted" !

"Big" folders and "big" files are not necessarily the reason why your disk has become full over time – those files may have  been on your disk for ages for a good reason.

And honestly : who really cares about „Symbolic links“ and „mount points“ and „sparse files“ and “NFTS compression ratio” ?

DiskScout has no eye washing "features" !

Unlike most other disk usage monitors, DiskScout is not designed to find large folders or files, but to mark those where changes in size have occurred between scans

As a home user you will be interested in the development of your “temp files” created by Internet Explorer and Applications, Cookies, c:\program files, C:\windows… rather than counting your MP3 files…

As an administrator of an enterprise network you will be interested in how the disk space usage of users home-directories on your file server are developing day by day.

DiskSCOUT is especially designed to track this kind of historical development of your hard disk space usage from past to present.

You may scan your disk once an hour, once a day or once a week - everything is saved into a database and changes per folder can be displayed over a range of time periods.

  • DiskSCOUT will not tell you the fact that your disk is full - but it will tell you WHEN  and WHERE your disk space has disappeared over time
  • DiskSCOUT uses a database to save all relevant data – so you are able to track the development of the disk space usage from past to present.
  • DiskSCOUT allows you to compare current folder-sizes to previous sizes so you can quickly see and understand which directories have grown over time.
  • DiskSCOUT can explain and document how your folder-sizes have changed over time.
  • Many other tools just can display current folder sizes—but: DiskScout will tell you where your disk space is going over time
  • And honestly:  are you not tired of expensive software, crammed with complex functionality, confusing buttons and icons, menus and graphics ?

DiskSCOUT is a diskspace analyzer, disk scan utility, treesize explorer, watchdisk tool, disk monitor and much more.

Most other software resembles the cockpit of a jet plane, with a confusing collection of features that almost nobody needs.

Not DiskSCOUT !


DiskSCOUT is very easy to use and will show you in a user-friendly-way when and whereto your disk space has disappeared :

  • No fancy graphics and icons
  • No incomprehensible and useless diagrams
  • No overloaded "bloatware"
  • No useless "Featuritis"
  • No "jet plane cockpit"

And best of all: DiskSCOUT shareware! This is a risk-free opportunity!

So why not give it a try?   


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